OH NO! Its Darth Vader and I think              Run Jim Run, he sees you... Its not              Now its too late to run. But dont worry
he has spotted our boy Jim.                           too late to run.                                                   he was released unharmed.

Enjoying good friends, good cars,                     Busted !!!!! sleeping on the job.                Dry those tears guys, you will win
good times and good music.                                                                                                                           next time.

May NO spot go unnoticed by eagle eye

                                FAMILY PORTRAITS

                         July 2009                                                    August 2009                                                    September 2009
                       June 2011

Complimentary shot by our friend             Does anyone think Chuck needs to
Charlie Napier of Chuck catching a            get more sleep?
nap before the show.

Kentucky PT Cruisers is a group of PT Cruiser owners who enjoy good cars, good friends, good times and always take the lead for a good cause.