Smoky Mountain ALL Mopar Show
June 4 2011

This was a GREAT indoor show held at the Expo center
in Morristown Tn.  The PT Cruisers were spot lighted and
corraled front and center.

Danville Kentucky Car Show June 12 2011

A beautiful day for a car show. Once again the Kentucky PT Cruisers were well represented by our own Jim and Chuck.....

Stephensburg Kentucky car show June 25 2011

Stephensburg Kentucky car on June 25 2011.
Jim went solo to this one but did a great job
representing the Kentucky PT Cruisers.

Falls Group Auto Show
Corbin Kentucky July 16 2011

This show was held by two of the most respected people
in the car show industry. Jim and Cheryl Powell held a GREAT
show to raise money for the local schools in that area.

Kentucky PT Cruisers is a group of PT Cruiser owners who enjoy good cars, good friends, good times and always take the lead for a good cause.